General Questions

Last Minute Escorts is a professional companion escort agency that adheres to all federal, provincial and municipal laws. We follow and practice the guidelines set out by the Escort Safety Council of Ontario. To our knowledge, we’re the only agency to do so.
No. We aren’t that type of agency. Last Minute Escorts doesn’t provide any In-Call Escorts whatsoever. We never have and never will as this would be totally illegal and is against the tenants of safety and security. Last Minute Escorts is a service-oriented companion service. We introduce our clients to beautiful women for a fee. We comply with all laws in Toronto and all Provincial and Federal laws period.
Yes. We require your full real name and a credit card. In order to ensure the safety and security of both you and our Escortesans, it’s essential that we know who you are before-hand. As mentioned, we don’t store, record or keep any database of such transactions other than the time and amount for tax purposes. We destroy all information within 24 hours as promised within our Privacy Policy. The privacy of our clients is paramount at Last Minute Escorts.
That’s correct. Our business model is of introduction and social companionship. We go out of our way to ensure we retain the highest caliber Escortesans who are more than just beautiful but are socially interesting and intelligent as well. We know this is the most important aspect of a wonderful experience and looking good from a status perspective. You can be sure if the word ‘sex’ isn’t in the Escort Frequently Asked Questions it’s for a good reason. We never comment on the behavior between two consenting adults. It’s simply none of our business.
Yes, many of our Escortesans have a drivers licenses and thus do drive. Some don’t and as such, will come to meet you via an Uber or taxi service paid for by you.
Yes. We have a fleet of high-end toys for our clients to access at their whim. These include a fleet of limousines and 2 yachts that can provide private air transport from Toronto’s Pearson’s Private airport. Simply call our office and ask to speak to a travel concierge to arrange any experience you desire at any time.
Last Minute Escorts accepts all major credit cards, travellers cheques, certified money orders, cash and bank transfers. We’ll be implementing direct deposit online imminently.
Yes. Many of our escorts are available for travel with advanced notice. Should you desire a weekend getaway please call our travel concierge and we can help arrange anything you wish. Our agency is connected to various partner concierge services throughout Toronto and internationally so we can secure better rates than travel agents in most instances.
Yes. Believe it or not, this is actually our most popular services based on our all-access exclusive connections in Toronto and internationally. To make a duo reservation simply call our offices or go online in advance to speak with one of our concierges so we can arrange your dream couple’s experience.

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